TBT offers creative, innovative, and vision-driven advisory services to enterprises. Our core strength lies in delivering goal-oriented consulting services from initial concept to final delivery.

TBT is a dynamic company committed to bringing our expertise to our clients. Our team boasts extensive experience, with over 15 years in the MVNO industry and a track record of launching more than 20 MVNOs worldwide. This experience equips us with an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the MVNO business.


With experience of 2 decades in MVNOs, MVNEs and MVNAs across Europe, USA, UK, Middle East and APAC, TBT has demonstrable and credible experience to deliver any challenging, complicated and time driven project.

Our consultants can help companies/individuals who are looking to/for –

  • Exploring the possibility of launching an MVNO
  • In the process of launching an MVNO
  • Already an established MVNO
  • Operate as an MVNE or MVNA

Bu​siness Transformation:
  1. Product Life Cycle Managment and product rationalisation
  2. Business process re-engineering and improvement
  3. Target Operational Model design and gap analysis
eTOM based Process Framework:

We have defined a full set of L3 process for all eTOM domains with focus on the best possible

  • Strategy, Infrastructure & Product
  • Operations (Support & Readiness, Fulfillment, Assurance and Billing)
  • Enterprise Management

Cloud computing is a team of experts providing customized multi-cloud solutions & services for customers all across the globe.

  • Managed Cloud Computing Operations
  • Migrating To Cloud Computing
  • Automation & Optimization
  • Data Platform
  • Strategy & Computing
  • Big Data