MVNO license application – Nigeria

  • Business & Market analysis
  • Detailed description of the proposed services
  • Technical layout/system description
  • Metering & Billing systems
  • Implementation schedule and growth plan
  • Organization structure including staffing
  • Financial projections – Tariff, Revenue, Costs, P&L, cash flow statements over the period of license

Strategic Technical Consulting – Multi Country MVNO in Europe

  • Part of the UK based startup planning multi country Full MVNO launch with Data and Content proposition.
  • Driving the E2E RFP process for a Full MVNO Platform to vendor onboarding covering negotiation & due diligence
  • Design of SIM life cycle, product lifecycle and Customer life cycle
  • Solution Architecture of Full MVNO Platform
  • Product offerings – Advisory services
  • Wholesale negotiation with MNO – Advisory services
  • Partnership and Alliances – Advisory servicesTarget Segment
  • Advising and building business models for launch across countries in APAC and Europe
  • Driving the digital engagement journey on customer onboarding to end of customer life cycle

MVNO Due Diligence Expert – Singapore & Middle East

  • Our consultants executed 2 technical due diligence for leading MVNO in Singapore and in Middle East
  • Due diligence of a MVNO Platform and Model on behalf of an TMT advisory and PE firm
  • Quantitative and Qualitative assessment of MVNO platform
  • Technology benchmark of MVNO platform vs Competitive platforms
  • Validate MVNO software, hardware on robustness and scalability
  • Validate MVNO platform on uniqueness and replicability
  • Operational scalability, customization and leverage across new country and multi country launch
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates across system, resources, infra etc

Strategic Consulting – Greenfield MVNO launch in Middle East and Nigeria

  • Building a Strategic Assessment framework 
  • Target addressable market/segment, Competition analysis, Financial Model and Business Plan
  • Market research & Product proposition based on the MVNO target segment
  • Market entry strategy & differentiation
  • MNO – MVNO Integration architecture in discussion with MNO
  • MVNO Platform design and architecture
  • Vendor RFP process and due diligence
  • Program plan, Implementation schedule and growth plan 
  • Organization structure including staffing
  • MNO wholesale negotiation based on various wholesale models
  • Partnership and Alliances
  • Mobile Network Assessment – Contract and Commercials

Sales & Operations Consultant – MVNO in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Defining Sales process for both Direct & Indirect channels covering Inventory management, Onboarding sales channels, SIM & Voucher distribution, Commission management, Customer activation via channels and Wallet management
  • Defining SIM & eSIM specifications for MVNO along with vendor identification and due diligence
  • Advisory services to finance on charging rules across Voice, SMS, and Data in both home and roaming scenarios
  • Defining specifications for Kiosk (Sale touch points) along with vendor identification & due diligence
  • Sales Process defined to have an E2E automation of the process for a Digital MVNO
  • Advisory services on Digital engagement platform


For the purpose of integrating CRM software tools seamlessly into the AWS services our consultants have proposed using services like

  • Amazon Route 53 (for traffic routing), EC2 instances (for hosting CRM along with providing computing resources),
  • Application Load Balancer (to distribute incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances)
  • Auto Scaling Group (to scale the EC2 instances with increasing workload)
  • RDS (for storing and managing customer data), S3 (for Auto backup)
  • EFS (allows multiple EC2 instances to access and store files in a central location)
  • Amazon SNS (to send a notification to specified individuals), VPC, Security Groups (instance level protection)

AI Based Social Media Platform for Content Creators

  • Design and Build Cloud infra using Terraform, ansible and packer Scripts for VPC, 3-node kubernetes masters with multiple worker nodes setup on EC2  with Ubuntu OS
  • AWS Cluster autoscaler was configured with ASG, Launch Configurations, AWS SSM, for worker-nodes scalability with standard builds
  • Setup 5 different environments – Dev, QA, Staging, Load-Test & Prod
  • Setup of the Hashicorp Vault, Counsul, ScyllaDB, MinIO, Redis, MySQL STS Clusters with IaC
  • Deployment of HA Nginx ingress for the endpoints
  • 25+ microservices pushed with Jenkins (Master Slave nodes),
  • MongoDB instances for each of the microservice
  • Prometheus, Grafana and EFK for traceability and observability along with Cloudwatch,
  • For worker node autoscaling, we proposed AWS SSM RUN