Market Research & Analysis

We focus on the right data insights that is needed based on client’s vision. Our analysis covers a broad range of data research about country, population, target segment, regulatory and legal challenges, competition, consumer needs, channels and so forth. Based on our expertise we then advise the right metrics to our clients on the way forward.

Business Model

Based on market research and company vision  we build a Business model covering all aspects of CAPEX and OPEX for a period of 3 or 5 years. This business model shows the clients the areas of investment needed, partnerships and technology

Target addressable segment (TAM) and Product proposition

Target addressable market (TAM) can be B2C, or B2B & we build a complete data model showcasing the TAM for a country/region and then showcase the competitive products for the same TAM. On Product proposition we advise on the best offering which has a higher chance of success, competitive analysis and satisfies the consumer needs

MNO partnership and Wholesale negotiation

The MNO or MVNE/A partnership is one of the important pillar and the trickiest one. Since the contracts are for 3 to 5 it is necessary that you find the right partner. We carefully look across network coverage, technology, commercials, team and most importantly mutual benefit that drives the relationship forward

Technology & Platform

We have very strong expertise on the Telco technology and its related IT platforms. Based on the MVNO model we advise on the right technology architecture covering Telco and IT stack. The whole platform model takes into consideration of Mobile technology (2G to 5G), integrations with MNO/MVNE & third party and the product propositions that needs to be supported

Vendor Identification & Management

We build the RFI/Q/P documentation and manage the complete E2E RFI/RFQ/RFP process and invite the right vendors to participate in the RFP process. The document extensively covers all Mobile and IT technology requirements, deployments (Private or Public cloud) and regulatory requirements. Based on client request we advise on the vendor negotiation and provide our inputs both on technology and commercial aspects

Program & Project Management

With 20 MVNO deployments globally our consultants have very good understanding of how to make the project go live successfully. Our program data sheet encompasses our past experience and today changing business models & technology. Our consultants run the project with complete clarity and real time update to our clients and mitigating risks at very early stage

Channels & Go To Market

Channels be it online & offline for B2C or be it direct channels for B2B market; the readiness to achieve E2E automation is very much needed. As advisors we guide our clients on finding the right channel to reach out its customers. As Go To Market strategy we work with clients to define the approach based on client’s vision, market research & readiness. A detailed analysis of various options is discussed with clients and finalised

Digital Engagement

We at TBT have creative expertise in Digital engagement on Customer engagement, retention, revenue enhancement, data insights, promotion, campaigns and so forth. We drive the design, flow, UI/UX, integrations etc. A single Mobile or Web interface managing complete customer journey from onboarding to end of customer lifecycle

Operations Excellence

Operations excellence is an ongoing journey for MVNOs. With our experience of managing operations for multiple MVNOs we have understood how quickly excellence can be achieved. We help define the organization structure, roles & responsibilities, define the process that align with the Telco and IT stack which is driven by automation at its core